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Report 9804010120

This picture was shot the 4th. September 1998, at 01:01:20. (A.M.)

The light to the left is the floodlight of the church in Hessdalen. You can see the moon the the right of the floodlight. It is the light in the circle, that is the interesting light. The color is put there by the software, to tell which light it reachted on.

Here you see the light, cut out of the original picture.

This preliminary report will be updated when the video arrives and is studied.

There were also some persons who saw a strange light in Hessdalen this night:
At 1:07 (A.M.) did they see a strange light coming up from the river, going towards the mountain Rogne. Anni Lieskar tell that they were five persons in the car, driving home. On the location where the road curves, just north of Bjarne Lillevold, north in Hessdalen, did they see a green light coming from the left. It was so close to the car that they had to put the brake on. It changes color from green to red and dissappeared behind some trees. - This happened out of sight of the camera.

The automatic station did record a light about 6 minutes before this, and it was more in a south-west direction. It is impossible to tell if this has anything to do with the observartion done by the ladies. Hopefully, the video-recording might give us some indications on that.

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